NieR Analysis - Clemps (PART 1)

eventDec 26, 2016




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Clemps decides to break out the Nier analysis / review just before the festive period is over and before Nier Automata comes out on the shelves. What adventures are in store for our hero?


Dan AKA Who drew the cheeky lil Clemps in the thumbnail

Spooky AKA who drew the Caim rendition of Clemps in the ending title card. Amazing artist, go check her out!

Dax AKA Who threw me a sweet ending title for FREE!!

Steven AKA Who drew all of the little YouTube guys and of course, Angelus f**king a car. Y’know, the classic. - Go check out this site for the Adam and Eve theory I mentioned in the video


Song of the Ancients Remix - NieR Tribute Album

Snow in Summer - NieR

Thirteenth Chapter Closing - Drakengard 1

Weapon Selection - Drakengard 1

Song of the Ancients Devola (No Lyrics) - NieR

Hunters Chance - World of Final Fantasy

Hills of Radiant Wind - NieR

Song of the Ancients Popola (No Lyrics) - NieR

Freya’s Theme - FFIX

Lindblum - FFIX

FuwaFuwa - Yuyushiki

Kaine’s Theme - NieR Tribute Album


NieR Analysis - Clemps (PART 1)