Drakengard Analysis - Clemps (PART 2)

eventJan 3, 2016




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Obligatory spoiler warning throughout the video. Clemps is back to guide you through all five endings to Drakengard. Will he survive this ordeal?

CREDITS: https://twitter.com/BiggBanter - I mean holy fuck, this guy. He’s been drawing for me for years and he’s just made this sexy new picture for me that you see in the thumbnail and credits. Stellar dude, go follow him and check out his work

MUSIC: The Dark Colossus Destroys All – NieR Snow in Summer – NieR Howl of the Departed – Lost Odyssey Silence of the Forest – Bravely Default Fallen Angel – Final Fantasy XIV Kuja’s Theme – Final Fantasy IX Evil Messenger – Final Fantasy IX The Dark’s Embrace – Final Fantasy XIV Wicked Battle – Bravely Default Grandma – NieR Drakengard (Closing) – Drakengard Shadowlord – White-note remix – NieR


Drakengard Analysis - Clemps (PART 2)